Using Our Power for Good
Knowledge is power, and Greenologists has the knowledge.  For years we’ve been facilitating energy upgrades on multifamily buildings while accessing incentive programs to minimize cost. Collectively, we’ve been involved with hundreds of these projects utilizing many different incentive programs, often collaborating with more than one, to provide real value for our clients.

We know multifamily buildings. We know how they are constructed, managed and operated. We’ve performed every aspect of this work; from the basic energy analysis, to facilitating incentives and underwriting, managing tenants and construction, and providing the documentation needed to satisfy the program requirements.

NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program
For 10 years, the managing members of Greenologists have been active MPP partners and completed over 180 projects serving more than 20,000 dwelling units. We’ve delivered in excess of $20 million of incentives to our clients through this NYSERDA program.

Weatherization Assistance Program
Greenologists members have been involved in every aspect of Weatherization projects having spent eight years as Program Director of Multifamily Housing at a WAP agency.  With over $17 million in funds managed for the installation of energy conservation measures for multifamily housing as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, we know how to work collaboratively with Weatherization agencies and their governing body, the New York State Homes and Community Renewal Agency (HCR), to accomplish energy saving projects on your behalf.

Multifamily Building Management
We have over 30 years of experience managing multifamily buildings.  Greenologists members have been multifamily property owners, property managers, real estate brokers, and construction managers for many projects.  We have overseen comprehensive energy retrofits as both the participant and the program provider.

Our experience in all aspects of multifamily property management coupled with our in-depth knowledge of building science enhances our ability to deliver successful energy efficiency projects utilizing state and local funding while maximizing your bottom line.